October 19th, 2020 In This Season of Giving

As PAMAH reflects on its first Annual Zoom-A-Thon and prepares for Giving Tuesday, I thought we would be remiss if we did not reflect on a challenging year. Meningitis and Meningococcal Disease are preventable, life-threatening diseases. PAMAH’s vision is to support the eradication of these diseases within the next several decades. Looking back on the loss of my daughter-in-law 2 years ago, I began to

reflect on all our family has endured since that time. And believe it or not, as I remembered, I could not help but feel grateful for all I have experienced. I know it sounds strange, right? However, back in 2018, if you would have told me the entire world would be shut down due to a global pandemic, I would have thought you were crazy.

What a year we have had in 2020! So many lives have been lost. So many families have been adversely affected. As a nation, we have dealt with COVID-19, social injustice and unrest, political division, unemployment and a plethora of personal challenges that no one know about but you, or in my case, me. Yet through it all, as Americans, we have pulled together; we have helped one another. I am so grateful for the teachers, medical staff, law enforcement agencies, military, government officials, grocery store clerks and cashiers, gas station attendants, and all other essential workers during this time. What a story we will have to tell the next generation!

As I began to reflect, the questions that continued to come up were, “What can I do to positively impact my community? How can I truly affect change?” As I pondered the question, I thought about all of the private foundations and organizations actively raising awareness and fighting against the deadly diseases of Meningitis and Meningococcal Disease. We are so much stronger together! What can we do to move closer to the vision of the total eradication of these diseases? We can start by becoming the change we want to see by joining the Meningitis Movement!

In reflecting on losing Percilla, I could not help but think of her mother, her siblings, my son (her husband) and most importantly her children. We all feel her loss on a daily basis but especially her beautiful babies. Yet, in trying to honor Percilla’s memory, it is so vital that we present a united front and move forward with what Percilla would want. Percilla loved her family. Percilla loved her community. Percilla was the peacemaker, loved unity, and equality. In honor of Percilla, we have started this foundation. We hope to achieve all she would have wanted, peace, unity, love, and equality. I was fortunate to know Percilla and it is my honor to work hard on her behalf to achieve the vision and mission of this foundation. It is for this reason I am dedicated to the cause. What about you? What is your motivation? How can you affect change?

In This Season of Giving, as you reflect on how blessed or lucky or fortunate you have been in 2020, PAMAH hopes you will consider joining the Meningitis Movement! We hope you will partner with us in impacting change. Whether you’re joining us because you personally knew and loved Percilla; or, because you believe in the vision, we appreciate your partnership. Whether you join the fight because you’ve been personally affected by these horrible diseases or you just want to give back, we appreciate your partnership. And please remember, we can achieve so much more together.

Let’s commit to be united in purpose! We plan on hitting the ground running in 2021! Be the change you want to see! As you begin preparing to shop for the holidays, we pray you will support PAMAH by giving the gift that keeps on giving! Shop on Amazon Smile or ShopRaise and choose to support PAMAH while you shop for friends and loved ones! In so doing, a percentage of your shopping dollars will be donated to PAMAH. Or, maybe you want to become even more involved! Volunteer to work one of the many events we’re planning/organizing in 2021. Become a volunteer for PAMAH and help with an event! Better yet, contribute both your time and your money!

Listen, do not let the “Be A PAMAH Partner” page scare you! No donation is too small! If you cannot commit to a certain amount right now, especially in today’s climate, we understand and appreciate you. However, you can achieve the level you desire through so many different avenues! As a PAMAH Partner, you can always start at one level and “Level up” to another. Many supporters do this by supporting PAMAH and requesting their employers do the same through their Employer Matching Contributions Programs. Talk about paying it forward and giving the gift that keeps on giving! If you still are not sure, take your time looking around our website. Check out what we plan to accomplish in 2021. And check up on us periodically! PAMAH will always be 100% transparent with its partners! PAMAH’S core values are Integrity, Diversity, Equality, Accountability, Transparency, Passion, & Service – not necessarily in that order!

We will always communicate with our partners. Our prayer is, as you reflect In This Season of Giving, you will consider PAMAH as a partner. Join the Movement! Let’s not lose another person to this deadly disease! Let’s not see another person lose his/her quality of life because of this disease! Will you join us? #MeningitisMovement