March 7th, 2021 The Story of the Pork & Torque

One of PAMAH’s largest events of the year is our annual car show, the Pork & Torque. The Pork & Torque is a yearly event organized by our Founder and President, Shaquille Hodge. Initially, it was a way to bring car enthusiasts together to celebrate their love of cars while bringing unity to the community. All of that changed after his wife Percilla died suddenly from Pneumococcal Meningitis in July 2018. Since that time, the Pork & Torque has transitioned into a community fundraising event also used to raise awareness of Meningitis and educate the community on the importance of vaccinations.

The year 2020 was unprecedented. No one could have predicted a global pandemic and thousands of families being adversely affected by COVID-19. Since that time, PAMAH has emphasized the importance of vaccinations, increasing its scope to include influenza and COVID-19 vaccines.

In preparation for this year’s car show, we thought it essential to share the story of the Pork & Torque. After Percilla died in 2018, Shaquille thought it was important to honor her life in some way while helping the families adversely affected by Meningitis. He formed the PAMAH Foundation in December of 2018 and has put an incredible amount of thought into how best to honor Percilla and leave a legacy for their 3 children.

The Pork & Torque is just one of many events and programs hosted by the PAMAH Foundation annually. Each year, the PAMAH Foundation tries to make the car show bigger and better. Adding different elements helps increase participation, raise more money for the cause, and bring awareness to the community.

All donations from the car show are used to award college scholarships to Cherokee County High School students. The students are required to meet specific criteria. Students must conduct their own research on Meningitis, write an essay, and put together a 1–2-minute video about vaccinations’ importance. You can learn more about the scholarship on the Cherokee County School District Bulletin Board.

For information on upcoming events, check out our website and follow us on social media. PAMAH plans on having a busy year in the community, and our hope is that you will join the #meningitismovement. Together, we can build a stronger community! We can create a healthier community together. We can BE a more unified community together. On behalf of the Percilla Ann Marie April Hodge (PAMAH) and the entire Hodge family, we invite you to join the movement! Be the change you want to see!