Our Story

How did we get here? On July 26, 2018, our family said goodbye to a beautiful soul. Percilla (lovingly known as CiCi) was a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an aunt, and a friend.

Even as we grieved our loss, while trying to wrap our heads around what happened; we were already gathering to discuss ways to help ensure we minimized the impact of Meningitis on other individuals and families within our local community.

As we gathered, we realized none of us really knew much about Meningitis; who it affected, or how it was contracted. Most thought the disease only affected children 5 years of age or younger, or college-aged young adults. Immediately we began to research the disease to learn what we could. We were shocked to discover all current Meningitis Research was conducted outside of the US.

We were shocked to discover the number of families adversely affected by the disease; families that did not meet the criteria of 5 years or younger, or college-aged. We knew we had to do something to raise awareness. We did not want another family to experience the grief we felt. We formed the PAMAH Foundation in December 2018 and we are organizing and planning to raise awareness through local programs, advocacy partnerships, and fundraising events. Join us in the fight!

Our Mission

The PAMAH Foundation’s mission is to educate our community on the dangers of Meningitis and the importance of vaccinations through advocacy, education, and community health and wellness programs while serving families adversely affected by Meningitis.

  • To collaborate with our partners to provide and/or support immunization clinics and other events in Cherokee County.
  • To produce materials that create awareness for our local community.
  • To assist and/or support events that raise Meningitis Awareness.
  • To ensure all children and youth are vaccinated.
  • To provide financial assistance to families for hotel stays, funeral expenses, etc.
  • To provide resources for families who may need to retrofit their homes due to the after affects of Meningitis.
  • Advocate, Educate & Vaccinate

Advocate · Educate · Vaccinate

  • PAMAH Foundation


    vaccination of children, teens, and young adults.

  • PAMAH Foundation


    with other organizations & foundations to advocate for change in legislation regarding vaccinations for Meningitis.

  • PAMAH Foundation

    Plans, Organizes & Mobilizes

    programs and events to ensure individuals within Cherokee County and the entire State of George are immunized.

  • PAMAH Foundation


    medical research to assist with the prevention and eradication of ALL types of Meningitis.

The Story Behind

Our Logo

Korey was 5 years old when his mom, Percilla, passed away from Pneumococcal Meningitis. Korey is a quiet soul. You can often find him in his room drawing pictures or playing with dinosaurs.

At a meeting to discuss the formation of the PAMAH Foundation, Korey tugged on his dad’s sleeve and asked a very interesting question. Korey asked, “Daddy, can we give mommy a mushroom (like on MarioKart) so she can come back to life?”

From this question, Shaquille designed the PAMAH Foundation logo – the outstretched hand and the mushroom. Shaquille explained to Korey, unfortunately, the mushroom would not bring his mommy back to life. But there may be a way to use the mushroom to help other people not lose their mommies. The rest is history.