Meet Percilla

Percilla Ann Marie April-Hodge (PAMAH) was born November 26, 1990. She was the eldest of three children. Percilla’s greatest joy was spending time with family and friends; known as the Peace Maker, she loved to see others joyful.

Percilla’s favorite holiday was Thanksgiving. She loved everything about the holiday and we would often tease her about her plans for Thanksgiving dinner; which normally started in the month of July. Percilla loved food and was especially fond of her father-in-law’s famous fried turkey. She always wanted a guarantee that it would be on the holiday menu.

In July of 2018, Shaquille and Percilla traveled to South Carolina to spend time with family and attend her uncle’s retirement from the Navy. While at the beach, Percilla complained of having a headache. Not wanting to spoil the kids’ day at the beach, she told her husband she was going back to the room to take medicine for her headache and lay down. By that evening, Percilla was in the emergency room.

The doctors diagnosed her with Pneumococcal Meningitis and began her treatment right away, but Percilla would not recover. Percilla left behind her husband Shaquille, 7-year old Kayden, 5-year old Korey, and 3-month old Khalani Grace; as well as her mother and father, her two siblings, nieces, nephews, and numerous friends.